This summer, Oregon Crusaders will draw us into some of the most memorable scenes of Stanley Kubrick’s legendary 1980 horror film, “The Shining.”

The corps’ 2018 production, titled “REDRUM,” reflects one of the most well-known plot devices from the movie.

However, the show is not going to be a literal retelling of Kubrick’s visually unsettling masterpiece, which starred Jack Nicholson in one of the eeriest descents into madness ever filmed. In fact, one may not see any of the major characters come to life on the field.

What the corps will focus on are explorations of the other minor characters as seen in the film, such as those from the macabre ballroom scene and the spooky encounter with a ghostly woman in Room 237.

According to second-year program coordinator Jodie Rhodes, “The show is pretty dark, exploring what we think the lives of those characters would be outside their roles in the film. Since the show is based on iconic scenes from the movie, the visuals help drive the music.”

Even with a plethora of graphical ideas to play off of, the music in this production will not take a back seat to those visuals. Rhodes adds, “We tried to pick music that matched each character, such as Alanis Morissette’s ‘Uninvited’ for one of the characters. Whether or not you’re a horror movie buff, the music is iconic.”

Other musical selections include works by Berlioz, Bartók, Saint-Saëns, Al Bowlly, and Copland. Only a portion of those pieces come from the actual film score, and the others were selected to further enhance the profound mood of the production.

Rhodes says audience members will hear samples of old typewriter sounds harkening to the movie’s iconic “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” scene. Other devices to set the theme visually will be the incorporation of the carpet pattern from the film’s interior scenes. Intriguingly, the Timberline Lodge, where the movie’s exterior shots were filmed, is close to where the corps stays during its spring training rehearsals.

Despite the darkness of the horror film’s source material and ambiance, Rhodes believes the show will fascinate and enthrall spectators; even those who aren’t into the horror genre or those who are unfamiliar with the film. “I think it will be accessible to all ages,” she said.

Oregon Crusaders REDRUM

After a 20th place finish last year, Oregon is poised to make a strong impression in 2018 with a number of new staff additions for the coming season. In addition to the appointment of a corps director to work in tandem with the organization’s executive director, the corps has a new drill writer and new battery percussion and front ensemble arrangers.

Counting down the days to the start of the 2018 DCI tour, corps members are most excited to get things underway. “The [rehearsal] camps have been wonderful due to the vibe and work ethic of the members,” Rhodes said.

Oregon Crusaders will start its 19-show tour at its home event near Portland, Oregon on July 6, then will travel up the coast to Seattle before winding its way to Denver, San Antonio, Atlanta, and Allentown, before the DCI World Championships this August in Indianapolis.

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