Just two days before the DCI Midwestern Championships, the life of a man in Mississippi was quite possibly saved due to volunteers for The Cadets. The corps was driving down Interstate 55 near Greenwood, about 50 miles north of Jackson, at about 3:00 am on July 27. The lead bus driver, Mark Rasley, spotted a light that seemed out of place and radioed back for the following drivers to check it out. Jared Lambert, a van driver for the corps, put on his high beams and spotted a light from what turned out to be a pick-up truck that had run off the road and down an embankment.Jared stopped the van and ran about 200 feet back to the pick-up. It was pitch black at the time and Jared could barely see in the dark. He yelled out questioning if anyone was there. He heard a man yell back "yes," and then asked if the man was hurt, to which he heard another "yes."Fortunately for the driver of the truck, Jared is an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) for two ambulance squads back home in eastern Pennsylvania. Coincidentally, Mark Rasley is Jared's ambulance driver.Jared called back to the van and Michael Terry, another driver for corps, called 9-1-1 and stayed in touch with 9-1-1 and the local ambulance service.The man had gotten himself out of the vehicle, but was severely hurt. When Jared ran back to the vehicle just to see if there was another passenger, he noticed the pick-up had been totally mangled. Jared ran back to his van and grabbed a blanket and a keychain mini light, the only flashlight he had available.Interestingly, two people passing by didn't see the light down the embankment, but they did spot the mini flashlight. And so they stopped and offered assistance; one holding the man's head to stabilize the spine and other offering a spotlight.Jared determined the man had serious head, chest and abdominal trauma. He covered the man with the blanket and treated him for shock until the ambulance arrived about 15 minutes later. The man was destabilizing quickly, going in and out of consciousness. Jared identified himself as an EMT and assisted the ambulance crew in getting the victim stabilized and into the ambulance. Jared plans on contacting the hospital to check up on the progress of the man. We wish him the best and are grateful that drum corps attracts devoted people such as Jared and the other parties who volunteer for corps. They make the world a better—and safer—place to live, and give us all reason to be proud.