Are you pining to relive those wacky performances of the Bayonne Bridgemen from the late 1970s? Are you salivating for that blistering 1986 performance by the Santa Clara Vanguard? Have you almost worn out that PBS VHS tape of the 1984 "West Side Story" performance by the Garfield Cadets because of repeated viewings?Pine no more, historical DCI fanatics. Drum Corps International is proud to present The Legacy Collection: Masterful Performances of the SUMMER MUSIC GAMES. The remastering of video footage to DVD dating back to 1974 includes the performances available from each of the respective years through 1999.Drum Corps International PBS Broadcast legend Steve Rondinaro and drum corps authority Michael Cesario are featured in an exclusively produced segment for The Legacy Collection highlighting world news and drum corps events for each given year. Each DVD includes video vignettes of drum corps features from each particular year's television broadcast. Also found on each DVD is a complete listing of Finals score recaps from 1974 - 1999. For several months now Tom Blair, long time producer of the Drum Corps International PBS telecast, has been engaged in the massive undertaking of converting 26 years of video footage to DVD. All indicators are that The Legacy Collection will be on the shelves July 1. Place your order today! Clip from 1976 DVD (Quicktime 7MB)Clip of Bridgemen performance from 1977 DVD (Quicktime 4.5MB)For more information and special introductory offer discounts, visit the Drum Corps International Shop.