From a Teal Sound press release: John Hoekstra will be Teal Sound's staff and program coordinator in 2004. Hoekstra moved to Florida from the Midwest in 2002 and served on the visual staff for Teal Sound in 2003. Involved with drum corps since 1966, he has a long history with junior and senior corps. Having won the DCI Class A title in 1976, the U.S. Open in 1978, and marching in the DCI top 12 until his age-out year with Cavaliers, Hoekstra has enjoyed many winning seasons as a performer, and later as staff. Hoekstra worked on visual staff with the Geneseo Knights, the Cavaliers and Phantom Regiment, and later Pioneer. Moving to senior corps, he was a soloist, drum major, visual caption head and program coordinator with the Kilties, and he was on the visual and program staff with Minnesota Brass. "We are grateful to have someone with John's experience working with us" said Teal Sound director Michael Butler.
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