This story was scheduled to run late Saturday night immediately after the DCI Midwestern Championship, but Internet access in the RCA Dome went down unexpectedly at that late hour. We will be adding a couple more things left over from Saturday to the DCI Season Pass live event section in a little bit. In a night full of upsets, the Cadets turned in a "great" performance Saturday night in Indianapolis, according to corps director George Hopkins. "They were a little bit better from an ensemble standpoint, but I think they were just as good last night (in Murfreesboro). They had two great runs in a row," Hopkins said. Sunday plans for the corps were of the housekeeping variety. "We're doing laundry tomorrow -- no matter what we're doing laundry tomorrow," Hopkins said. Looking to the rest of the season, Hopkins said that no major changes will be added to the Cadets show, and that the corps will spend its time polishing it -- although some elements will change with each performance. "We're just going to be cleaning -- we're not changing anything. We're going to change some things at the very end of the show. The trip the girls go on is going to be a little different every night. We're just kind of working that out a bit," Hopkins said. Is this unusual, a Cadets show that does not evolve through the end of the season? "We did all of our changes, for a change, in June and early July, so I think we're pretty much set. We've got to play the thing," Hopkins said.