Quick … You have less than two hours to learn how to conduct a new piece of music before you find out you'll be standing in front of the Phantom Regiment's massively powerful horn line … How would you react? That's exactly the spot Mike Roberts found himself in at the beginning of June while attending Phantom's summer drum major camp in the corps' hometown of Rockford, Illinois. After an audition, Roberts was surprised to be picked from a group of 10 worthy drum majors to conduct the finale to Dvorak's "New World Symphony" in front of the Regiment horn line. "I learned this song about two hours before I conducted them and was pretty nervous," Roberts explained on YouTube. "I accidentally went into half time with my conducting and held it out a little too long at the end." Like the pros they are, the Regiment brass players readily followed the young maestro's lead making for an incredible memory and this video clip. Nice work Mike! We wouldn't be surprised to see you back in Rockford this fall for Phantom Regiment drum major auditions!