By Andy Dittrich
Capital Sound I am a Division II & III marching member -- A "Project" Special Edition

Andy Dittrich
Too many people in the drum and bugle corps community have very little knowledge of the Division II & III experience, and, in this week before the DCI Division II & III tour, I would love to present it to you, as the standard Division II & III marching member. I will never wear a DCI ring on my finger. I may never take a picture with a YAMAHA banner in my hands.

There are 50 some odd corps, and 12 of us will make finals. I may never wear a medal. I will experience some more than interesting housing situations, in some very interesting cities. I will play my regionals, not in San Antonio, or Indianapolis, but in Erie, or Grand Haven, or Tarboro. But you know, I love Grand Haven and Erie, and I bet I will love Tarboro just as much. I march in a Division II & III drum corps. In our regional prelims show, we could step off at 9 a.m. We could step off to a crowd of six (I have counted!). Strangely enough though, we will stick together, these Division II/III drum corps. We suffer many of the same trials and tribulations, and survive every one. I would never want to march anywhere else. My heart, like many of those in a Division II or III drum corps, or a Division I drum corps, for that matter, is strongly affixed to my family, my drum corps. We will survive adversity, and we will do it with a huge smile on our faces. I am with the people I love, participating in the activity I have known for a lifetime. I am a Division II & III marching member. Don't forget about me. On tape delay from Romeoville, Ill., this is "Project!" Andy Dittrich is the center snare drummer for Capital Sound, and is a fifth-year member of the corps. In the fall, he will be attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, studying English. He'll be contributing weekly reports to through the summer.