Derek Carroll of Pembroke Pines, Fla. sent this picture. He is a 2006 member of the Boston Crusaders' color guard.

The picture is of the "original" 2006 Boston Crusaders rifle line. I put quotation marks around original because sadly we didn't all make it to Finals night.

This picture was taken on a water break just after we moved in for tour. In the winter, the place we are in is actually a fully-functional ice hockey arena. In the summer it's much too hot to keep the ice frozen, so it's just a big concrete arena. It's perfect for escaping New Hampshire's humid sunshine.

The rifle line consisted of eight members. Four of the eight at one time attended Flanagan High School. In fact, a quarter of Boston Crusaders' color guard came from Flanagan.

Left to right in the bottom row: Amy, Mallory, Katie, Claudia, and Crystal

In the back: Justin, Kate, Ryan, Derek

Thanks, Derek!