Anthony Prochilo Spartans' front ensemble What piece did you play today? I played a multipercussion solo (drum set). It was an original composition that I wrote in 2003. It's just a bunch of different grooves put together.
How was your performance this afternoon? It went very well. I got a 96.5. That's pretty comparable to what I would give myself. Were you nervous going into the performance? I wasn't really nervous. I have been doing this solo for two years and I was pretty confident. Did you find a lot of time during the summer to practice? No, not at all. About two weeks before I left tour, I started putting in all the new stuff. Have you done I&E before? Yes, I did it last year and I got first in multipercussion with a 95.5 I had five competitors last year, and four this year. How many members from your corps are participating in I&E today? I'd say that about 15 of our corps members are participating today. We have a few horn ensembles and four percussionists. Any other performances for you today? We're going to Gillette Stadium tonight to play a concert for the Revolution soccer game. What are your thoughts on I&E? I think it's a very good thing. It's very exciting to perform in front of a crowd and judges. Sometimes the extra-personal space can make you nervous, but it's very cool.