Beau St. Pierre, 21 Cavaliers' trumpet soloist
What piece did you play today?
I played the Honegger "Intrada." How was your performance this afternoon? If I can grade myself, I'd give myself a B. Were you nervous going into the performance? Going in, yes and no. Yes I was nervous, and no, I was confident. I think the nerves probably got to me during the performance. How long have you been working on this piece? About three weeks. I picked it out in Murfreesboro. Did you find a lot of time during the summer to practice? No, there wasn't a lot of time. I would try to play during the breaks. Have you done I&E before? Yes -- last year, I got fourth overall. Just like this year, I chose a piece really late last summer, but it went alright. It went better than expected. How many members from your corps are participating in I&E today? I know of three from the trumpet section -- but there are quite a few from the corps. Any other performances for you today? We're playing in a brass ensemble later. What are your thoughts on I&E? I think the whole experience is very cool, and very educational in the aspect of performance. It's good to have the competitive side, and good to have a crowd looking at you.