Chris Norton, 19 Capital Sound baritone, three-year veteran What group did you perform in today? We had a low brass ensemble.
What piece did you play today? We played "Mixed Advice," based on the Oompa Loompa theme. It's composed of three baritones and two tubas. How was your performance this afternoon? It was good -- everything went as planned and we hit all the moments that we wanted to. Were you nervous going into the performance? I was a little nervous. I've never really done an ensemble performance at I&E. My nerves didn't affect my performance individually. How long have you been working on this piece? We've been working on the piece for the last month, off and on. We've had it arranged since 2003 and decided to perform it this year. Did you find a lot of time during the summer to practice? There was a good amount of time after shows to practice, but during rehearsal days there wasn't a lot of time. Have you done I&E before? No, I've never done it. I did it this year because it was another opportunity to perform. How many members from your corps are participating in I&E today? We had six performances all together for Capital Sound, but I'm not sure how many individual members are performing. What are your thoughts on I&E? I think it's neat to see what other people can play, and what corps can come up with that is different from their show. I'm not in it for the judging, but more for playing something entertaining and having something fun to work on.