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I&E: Jason Prover, soprano

I&E: Jason Prover, soprano

by Alessandra Souers

Jason Prover, 18

Boston Crusaders, second-year veteran, soprano

What piece did you play today?

I played "The Blue Bells of Scotland." It's an Arban's selection.

How was your performance this afternoon?

It was better than I thought it would be, considering I just got the music five days ago. I was pretty happy with myself -- I'd give myself a B.

Were you nervous going into the performance?

I was extremely nervous. We had a recital last night and my lips were a little dead after two rehearsal days. My nerves helped my performance in a positive way. My lips were still a little messed up, but the adrenaline helped make up for it.

Did you find a lot of time during the summer to practice?

No, not at all. Since I got the piece before Allentown, it was hard to find time between Allentown, our home show, and rehearsal days. So I tried to stay up past lights out and practice in between meals.

Have you done I&E before?

No, this is my first year. I really enjoyed it. It's really cool to see musicians outside of the ensemble.   

How many members from your corps are participating in I&E today?

Eleven Boston Crusaders are performing in I&E today.

What are your thoughts on I&E?

I think it's one of the best things in drum corps. It gives people a chance to express themselves as individuals. You can actually just be yourself here.

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