This set of pictures comes from Jennifer Spainhour.

My name is Jennifer Spainhour and I have never been a member of a drum corps, but would like to some day. My high school marching band from Southern Indiana did something unique this past fall: We asked drum corps if we could quote famous visual moves they had done in the past. We did: 1. Santa Clara Vanguard's triangle at the end of their 1989 show, 2. Phantom Regiment's crab step wedge from 1993, 3. the Cavaliers' diamond cutter from 1999, 4. the Cadets' Z-pull from 1990 and 5. Star of Indiana's cross to cross (with a twist) from 1991.

We didn't do these moves quite as well as the original marches did, but we gave it our all. I hope these pictures of my band, the Floyd Central Marching Highlander Band, will bring back some fond memories to those who marched these moves.

Thanks Jennifer!