Members of the Open Class corps Incognito make a cameo in a new viral video that features an over-the-top marriage proposal that will make you smile. The video was shot in Culver City just outside of Los Angeles as a promo for the new NBC TV comedy "Marry Me." NBC helped the groom-to-be put everything together including flying in his girlfriend's friends and family to surprise her as part of the proposal. What she thought was just lunch with a friend, quickly turned into a smile-inducing lip-dub to Sheppard's "Geronimo" that featured 40 dancers and a plethora of extras including Incognito percussionists. Incognito director Tony T. Nguyen said he got the call asking for corps members to be part of the video after the group's drum line had appeared in other gigs in the area. "We got lucky!" he said. Check out the 2:25 mark in the video where you'll see Nguyen on snare and four other Incognito members with cymbals and bass drums.

In the hot sun, corps director @TonyTMusic and #incognitians were on set for a shoot. Details coming soon :) #drumcorps #dciopenclass

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