We have been reading some very interesting things in this past month. Allison Owen and her dream of marching in top 12 drum corps is one of my personal favorites, simply because I am thrilled to see people getting into the activity, but I love them all, and their dreams, hopes, and goals. Joe Smith pushes through a season of marching band, and Kristin Kray tells drum corps stories with the hope that she will return to them next season.

Andy Dittrich
I've spent the last week talking to some of our DCI.org columnists, as we've exchanged ideas on how to improve on our topics, writing and our style. I've went digging for my old journalism texts and rediscovered the inverted pyramid, writing a lead, and I remembered how much I love doing that, but also how impersonal straight journalistic writing can be. This has also been forcing me to reflect on the past of my column, and my future in drum corps.

I was interviewed after my show in the Citrus Bowl on Saturday morning, and I was asked if I would be returning to Capital Sound, and I clearly stated, "Yes." However, circumstances which shall remain unknown to you, the reader, unless you are so curious as to e-mail me about them, are making my future in drum and bugle corps very unsorted.

I will be marching next summer, but as of right now, I am pretty unsure of where I will be doing that.

But this is just an update on what has been happening in my drum corps life. What I want to hear, are stories from your side, and what we agreed on, emails and complaints and fascinations with the activity! Haven't gotten any in a while. Quote of the week: "dittrich@uiuc.edu , and www.illinidrumline.com !" Andy Dittrich was the 2003 center snare drummer for Capital Sound. He attends the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is studying English.