Drum corps fans near the Annapolis, Md., area will be able to get an autumnal drum corps fix on Oct. 8 at the interservice academy drum corps competition. This competition, a drum corps contest between the Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy and Naval Academy drum corps, will begin at 9 a.m. at Rip Miller Field on the grounds of U.S. Naval Academy. Attending this year's show will be the U.S. Air Force Academy "Flight of Sound," the U.S. Coast Guard Academy "Windjammers," and the U.S. Naval Academy Drum and Bugle Corps. Jeff Weir, director of the U.S. Naval Academy Drum and Bugle Corps (and a Cadets alum), said this is a unique opportunity on several levels. "The show is a great way to see some drum corps during the off-season, but it is also a fantastic venue for some of the nation's finest young men and women. The cadets and midshipmen of the service academies participate in drum corps as an extra-curricular activity at their respective schools, and to see the level of excellence achieved by the three corps is awesome when you consider all of the other responsibilities (academic, physical, military) they have on their plate," Weir said. This contest began almost 30 years ago. "The interservice academy drum corps show dates back to 1976," Weir said. "It is held annually during the same weekend as the Navy-Air Force football game, and is hosted by whichever school is the "home" team for the game. Coast Guard competes whenever the contest is held in Annapolis," Weir said. Regarding the competition, Weir said, "Air Force's "Flight of Sound" leads the series by a wide margin, and is the three-time defending champion." The U.S. Naval Academy is located at 121 Blake Rd. in Annapolis. Civilian vehicles are not allowed on the base, but the field is just a short walk from Annapolis City Dock. Pedestrians can enter the USNA with any valid ID.