I hope everyone enjoyed my story in DCI Today. If you have not gotten a chance to read it yet, you should definitely subscribe to the magazine! This past issue was quite impressive, if I may say so myself. I would also like to plug some of the fine DCI merchandise I recently purchased during the spring sale. I know I can't find $5 T-shirts anywhere else.

Andy Dittrich
I am back, and doing something I haven't done for a year at least: A Camp report. Southwind held its first drill camp this past weekend, as we welcomed our color guard back, post-WGI.^ It was particularly nice out Friday and Saturday, so we actually spent the majority of the time, both days, outdoors. Friday, we arrived at camp and pretty much walked right outside to do some tracking, as people continued to filter in, and spent the rest of the night after that working on some new music. Saturday, we spent most of the day in a visual segment, learning drill, doing basics, and doing my favorite: Singing our parts! Nothing comes across quite as well to me as an entire battery singing, "Tut digga digga digga chutra chutra." It's beautiful, almost heartwarming. Sunday the severe weather warnings came, and we spent an hour in the morning doing a particularly strenuous workout and stretch routine, which came back to me pretty well on Monday morning, and then went into music sub-sectionals. That's when we finally got some more time with the snare line. We checked out the snare break some more, and some of the other new music we got this weekend. We got an hour of basics in before we did some more sectionals, cleaned the school and went home. It was nice to see the whole corps there, and it was good to see things start to come together even more. It's exciting to say the least, but really, I guess you'll just have to see for yourselves! Drum corps is great, but sadly, this snare drummer is back onto yet another paper.