By Dan Acheson Today marks the opening day of the 2004 Drum Corps International Summer Music Games Tour with events in Oswego, Ill., and Menasha, Wis. Corps will be lining up to step into the arena all with the same goal. All are in pursuit of the ultimate performance. It may be rare to achieve such a performance in June, but the first few performances of the season are always very special. The anticipation of the corps members with hopes that audiences and judges alike will accept what they have to present is something to behold. The excitement from fans as they line up knowing what they see today will be incredible but also with the knowledge that in just one week it will be even better as the corps tour about the country. The energy and excitement coming from each corps has never been stronger going into a season. This is my 35th opening day of the season and I am more excited now than I have ever been about the drum corps activity. The corps and DCI have overcome many challenges over the years and I'm sure there are many more to come, but it is all made worthwhile when the amazing young people step onto the field with unbounded determination ready to unleash their excellence and emotion. My sincerest gratitude goes out to those of you who visit on a regular basis to stay in touch with the drum corps experience. I think you will be pleased with the enhancements to the live coverage planned for the season. Also, I look forward to seeing you in the stands throughout the season. Be safe and thank you for all that you do to make the drum corps experience great through your involvement. Dan Acheson
Executive Director
Drum Corps International