From an Impulse press release: As Impulse prepares for its seventh competitive season, we are pleased to announce the return of Ike Jackson and Caleb Rothe to the percussion staff as caption head and front ensemble head, respectively. This marks Jackson's third season of involvement with the corps and as head of the percussion caption. He has brought a level of achievement and excellence to Impulse that continues to impress fans and judges alike. Ike connects well with the members, inspiring and motivating. His professionalism and willingness to handle tasks outside of the percussion caption make him a valuable asset. In Jackson's 13 years as a percussion instructor he has worked with more than 35 different percussion programs at the high school, college and drum corps levels. A prolific percussion arranger and drill designer, Ike has worked with various percussion ensembles all across the Southwest. Jackson is currently a member of the Southern California Percussion Alliance Executive Board and a founding member of the SCPA. He is also a member of the Winter Guard International Percussion Advisory Board. Jackson is a Yamaha Endorser and Featured Artist, a Pro-Mark stick and mallet endorser, a member of the Pro-Mark Indoor Percussion Development Team, and is a co-founder of Xymox pads. Jackson has helped his percussion ensembles to earn 2 WGI World Championship medals, 8 WGI World Championship Finalist placings, 22 Regional Finalist placings and 10 Regional Championship titles. Rothe returns to Impulse for his second season as the front ensemble instructor and arranger. Rothe has been a percussion educator in Southern California since 1997, working with more than 20 different high schools and independent percussion ensembles. He is a nationally sought-after arranger and has written for various groups across the United States; having written arrangements for groups of all levels. The Pro-Mark Corporation, Sabian Cymbals, and the Yamaha Corporation of America endorse Rothe. He is a member of Pro-Mark's Indoor Percussion Development team. Caleb was also a founding member of the Southern California Percussion Alliance, is a member of the SCPA Executive Board and serves as that group's secretary. Rothe is also a member of the Winter Guard International Percussion Advisory Board. His ensembles have collectively won six WGI medals, have been WGI World Championship finalists 12 times, Regional Finalists 36 times and Regional Champions 14 times. Together, Jackson and Rothe are co-founders of the Pulse Percussion Ensemble.
Impulse welcomes these two talented instructors back and looks forward to their best season yet.