Submitted by Blue Knights: The Blue Knights held their January camp this past weekend at Englewood High School in the Denver Metro area. Despite subzero weather and six inches of snow on top of the more than three feet of snow that has fallen in the area over the past three weeks, the camp was well attended and deemed a huge success. "We were able to pretty much set the sections throughout the corps. Although most of the auditions took place at our November and December camps, we still had a few loose ends to tie up at this month," said Blue Knights Director Mark Arnold. "We had 142 present, and considering the number of roads into Denver that were closed and the ice storms in the Midwest, we couldn't be happier! From the look of things, it appears we will have in excess of an 80 percent retention rate of those members eligible to march from last year. I believe that's a real credit to the dedication and determination of our membership and staff." At the end of the camp; parents, alumni and friends were treated to a performance by all sections of the corps. The guard performed about two minutes of their 2007 program and the percussion section performed several exercises showcasing technique and musicality. The front ensemble premiered their 2007 performance piece for the DCI World Championships Individual and Ensemble competition, and the horn line played the opener and ballad selections from their 2007 program. "If these performances are any indication of things to come, we are in for a great year!" Arnold said.