Submitted by the Jersey Surf: The weekend of Jan. 12-14, Jersey Surf members performed the first half of the repertoire from the corps' 2007 program "Snapshots from an American Journey." A Sunday show-and-tell audience of more than 200 filled the gym at the Camden County Technical School in Berlin, N.J. "It's a pleasure working with this design team to help create a show that the students are obviously enjoying already," said Jersey Surf Program Coordinator Fred Ford. "We're actually a little bit ahead of schedule at this point, and we hope to keep the momentum rolling forward through the balance of the winter camps and into the spring." Also during the weekend, Jersey Surf Executive Director Bob Jacobs presented the first in a series of hour-long leadership workshops as a part of the corps' winter camp curriculum. The session, focused on resume writing and job interviewing techniques, was both humorous and informative. Jacobs reminded corps members, "Your name is one 'Google' away from telling the entire world what you did 'that one night on Spring break.' Remember that!" The winter series features various speakers and topics each month, and is designed to draw "real world" parallels between the work ethic and values of the drum corps experience and the challenges which will face corps members once their marching years in the Jersey Surf have ended. "We started doing these sessions when we first started the corps 17 years ago, and we've had tremendous success with programs like this every year," said Jacobs. "It gives us an opportunity to discuss things with the members which will help them to prepare for the competition that they will face long after they've left the drum corps field." Submitted by Spartans: Spartans held their first full rehearsal camp of the season in Nashua, N.H. last weekend. A very large turn out of new and old faces was seen during the 36-hour long weekend. With a very talented pool of members equal to last year's corps size, the group spent this weekend diving into its 2007 program "Tarot." "As another original piece being written by our team of writers, our 2007 program has already turned this year's group of musicians and performers on with incredible enthusiasm," said Spartans Executive Director Peter LaFlamme. The corps opened its rehearsal doors at 2 p.m. during Sunday's ensemble practice to allow parents and friends to listen to the corps members perform their 2007 opening number. "This group of students is by far the strongest willed and committed group we have ever seen and worked with. Welcome aboard to everyone who will be with us this season," said LaFlamme.