From a Yamato press release: On Sunday, Jan. 23, Yamato Japan held their first annual Western Corps Connection in Japan (WCC) at the Kyoto Prefecture Recreational Center. Nearly 1000 spectators showed up for the first ever fund-raiser put together in Japan for Yamato. Twelve units in all performed, including the 1989 Jokers drum and bugle corps, and the debut of YamatoMai, Yamato's new winter color guard. "It was a very nice show and I am so proud of having worked for it," said Jokers brass arranger Ken Nojiri. "All performers showed excitement in front of the hometown audience." Nojiri explained that the WCC was much different from regular competitions as more time was allowed for each unit to enter and exit the field. "The qualities of the players (especially brass and color guard) were better, I believe," Nojiri said. Units who performed were the Meitoku High School marching band, Makishima junior high school marching band, Maboroshi Brass and Percussion, Himeji Saints drum and brass corps, Kyoto bugle band, YamatoMai, Josho Sounds, The Star of Phoenix Sr. drum and bugle corps, Tokushima Indigoes drum and bugle corps, Queenstar, Guard Team Gloria, and the 1989 Jokers Sr. drum and bugle corps. The evening concluded with a massed horn ensemble from the participating units playing "America/O'Canada." Yamato Japan, in cooperation with Yamato Youth Arts Association, will host the second Annual "Western Corps Connection In Japan" on Sunday, Jan. 29, 2006 at the Kyoto Prefecture Recreation Center. Marching bands, brass and percussion corps, drum and bugle corps and color guard units will perform in a festival atmosphere, showcasing their 2005-2006 productions. Multimedia from the 1st Annual WCC can be viewed and downloaded HERE.