BERLIN, NJ -- The Jersey Surf drum and bugle corps has been contracted toprovide a 40-person percussion section for an upcoming motion picturefeaturing the internationally-famous performance ensemble, "Stomp!". Thefeature film, entitled, "Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey", is being shot inultra-large-screen IMAX format, and will be shown to a worldwide audiencefollowing its theatrical release later this year.The movie will feature Stomp! cast members performing with percussionists invarious locales throughout the world. "It is truly an honor and anunprecedented opportunity for our organization," said Jersey Surf ExecutiveDirector Bob Jacobs, who continued, "and a great opportunity for the drumand bugle corps activity at large to gain this kind of exposure on theglobal stage."For the Jersey Surf's involvement, selected members, alumni andinstructional staff will perform a rhythmic feature which has been arrangedspecifically for the project. The ensemble will appear wearing the corps'uniform, with the Brooklyn Bridge providing the spectacular backdrop forthis uniquely-American form of percussion performance. According to BrianToth, Jersey Surf Assistant Director of Operations, "Filming will take placeon location on Saturday, January 19. We'll be rehearsing with the ensembleon Thursday evening in South Jersey and on location Friday with the Stomp!cast members."The Surf was recommended for the project by George Hopkins, ExecutiveDirector of Youth Education in the Arts (YEA!), after last-minutesponsorship issues prevented the YEA! corps' participation in the project.As a part of the evolving relationship between YEA! and The Jersey Surf,Hopkins is working with Surf management, staff and members to help ensurethe success of the venture. "We are very grateful to Mr. Hopkins forrecommending us for this tremendous opportunity," added Jacobs.For additional information about activities of The Jersey Surf, contact BobJacobs at "," or at 856.753.DRUM.