Taking a cue from the swingin' 1950s-era sounds of Martin Denny, Esquivel, Nelson Riddle and Louis Prima, the Jersey Surf will perform a lounge music-themed show in 2004 entitled, "Lounging Around with the Jersey Surf." The show consists of two "Acts." Act I is split into three scenes: "Grand Overture," "Casino Royale" and "Cocktail Lounge." Act II's scenes are entitled, "Appearing Nightly in the Bongo Room," "Ultimate Lounge" and "Curtain Call." Jersey Surf director Bob Jacobs elaborated, "Building on the momentum of our most successful "theme" seasons, namely "Re-in-Carmen-ation" and "Our Side of the Story," and certainly, "Down the Shore with The Jersey Surf," we felt that a Lounge-themed show will be the perfect next program for us. When you look to destinations, like Reno, Vegas, Tahoe and our own roots near Atlantic City, you find some of the last great bastions of the Lounge scene -- but we don't want to be just another 100-person-lounge-act-on-a-football-field. The biggest challenge for us right now is to narrow down hours and hours of great music to just ten minutes of ultra-smooth, super-hip swingin' tunes, Daddy-O." Additional production information, performance locations and our new
souvenir Surf-lounge line are coming soon! Watch Jerseysurf.org for updates.