The Dutch drum corps Jubal, familiar to many American drum corps audiences because of their frequent stateside performances, won the Drum Corps Europe championships this past weekend in The Hague, the Netherlands. Jubal came out 0.1 point ahead of The Kidsgrove Scouts
(United Kingdom), "who surprised everyone with a fantastic performance," according to Marco Janssen of Drum Corps Europe. Northern Star from Leeds (United Kingdom) ended up third, followed by Juliana from Middelburg (the Netherlands) and The Starriders from Bad M?Ľnder (Germany). Further scores and recaps are available at Drum Corps Europe. "The DCE Championships have become a big success, with over 1,200 drum corps fans in the stand and 23 corps performing. The weather was excellent, a sunny day and a nice temperature - the ideal drum corps weather!" Janssen said.