Fans of the Kiwanis Kavaliers will set their own admission price at the corps' home show on Saturday. According to the Kavaliers' Web site, corps officials are requesting that fans "pay what they can." "We've done it for a number of years," said Kavaliers director Doug Darwin. "We wanted to thank the community and get as many people in the stands as we can," Darwin said."It's a fun evening," Darwin said, adding that St. John's Drum Corps of Brantford, Onatrio, and Dutch Boy of Sarnia, Ontario, will also be performing at the show. Anyone paying $10 or more will be issued an official income tax receipt upon request, according to the Web site. The Kavaliers acknowledged that a financial "strain" is causing them to take this unusual course. Darwin said that they are bringing 160 people on the road this year, and that the cost of accommodating that many people is causing them to spend more money. "We kept a bigger corps this year, and we're spending a lot more this year," Darwin said.All fans donating $20 or more will be invited to a special reception later this year.