From a Kiwanis Kavaliers press release: The Kiwanis Kavaliers regretfully announce a decision to withdraw from the 2006 Drum Corps International summer tour. At our most recent quarterly evaluation of the organization, it was agreed that the challenges surrounding the upcoming summer tour outweighed the corps beliefs, goals and values. In recent weeks, key staff and some membership have left the organization and acted independently when making what they considered to be a good decision for themselves, which unfortunately weakened the entire team. Although the Kavaliers have been persistent to field a corps over the past 35 consecutive years and have overcome numerous obstacles, with only weeks to go before the beginning of the season the organization feels that the decision to forge ahead without a strong team of designers and educators would be less than acceptable for our membership. The Kavaliers will not participate in the DCI competitive tour, however, 35th anniversary plans and performances will continue throughout the year as planned. Executive Director Doug Darwin stated, "The Kavaliers are not folding and not going in-active, in fact we are just regrouping for the future. Our management team's efforts will be focused immediately on finding homes (other organizations) for the committed members, volunteers, and staff whose ambition is to participate on the DCI tour this summer". The Kavaliers organization will continue to support the activity and others involved in the 2006 Summer events, however they have cancelled the two DCI exhibition shows which the corps was going to run in the early season. For more information on the Kavaliers please contact