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Knights of the bass drum table

Knights of the bass drum table

by Drum Corps International

Manny Flores submitted this photo and caption.

This picture was taken before Blue Knights' warm-up in San Antonio, Texas for the DCI Southwestern Championship of Blue Knights bass drummers from 2006 to 2009. The BK bass section has a strong tradition of supporting its members to help them succeed as one of the most popular and strongest bass lines in DCI.

From left to right:

5th Bass: Emmanuel Flores ('08), Esteban Solis ('09)

4th Bass: Maverick Peterson ('06), Kyle Smith ('09)

3rd Bass: Alfie De La Garza ('09), Scott Mayer ('08)

2nd Bass: Sorayah Bourenane ('07, '09)

1st Bass: Aaron Capers ('08), Derek Vo ('09)

Bass Staff Tech- Craig Sheffield ('08, '09)