From a Revolution press release: "G.M." Kuzma has been named director of the Texas-based Revolution, which was inactive for the 2004 season. Kuzma brings to Revolution much experience from his involvement in the drum corps activity. Along with his time as a performer at the junior and senior corps levels, he has also served in various roles as an instructor, driver, cook and tour director. When Magic of Orlando went inactive in 2000, Kuzma took on the tour
Director role for the Micro Magic Performance Ensemble. He planned, coordinated, and led Micro Magic to many exhibition performances during the last two weeks of the 2000 Drum Corps International Summer Music Games concluding in Washington, D.C. In 2001, he was a key player during the transition that led to the successful return of Magic of Orlando in 2002. Kuzma then volunteered his time on support staff for Revolution for part of the summer tour in 2002. This past summer, he answered a call for help from the Blue Knights by volunteering as a driver and cook to aid them through a very successful
2004 summer tour. "Not only does 'GM' have proven drum corps experience, he's also a battle-tested logistician in the Air Force," said Revolution Youth in Performing Arts executive director John Rodriguez. "His expertise in logistics will help guide this corps back from inactive status." As a captain in the Air Force, Kuzma was deployed in 2003 to Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Logistics Squadron Commander during major combat operations. He was also an Operations Officer in Kirkuk, Iraq where he commanded supply convoy operations to Baghdad, Mosul, Balad, and Tikrit. Kuzma will be responsible for hiring and developing Revolution's staff and ensuring that the members have an enjoyable, rewarding and educational experience with the corps. "I'm extremely excited to be working with Revolution, again," said Kuzma. "I've been a fan of the corps ever since they started and I will embrace this opportunity to contribute to Revolution's growth and success in the coming years." As director, he looks to build upon the successes and outstanding accomplishments since the corps' inception in 1999. This will include an emphasis on education, musicianship, innovation and mentorship. The corps will provide an educated and well-informed training staff that will expand the corps members' horizons with innovative teaching techniques, an enthusiasm to teach that matches the members' enthusiasm to learn, facilities and resources that will also help each corps member achieve their fullest potential.