Spirit from JSU drum major Brian Kinnett is a 21-year-old fifth-year member of the corps. As the assistant in 2005 and 2006, this year he climbed the podium as the lead drum major. DCI.org's Christina Mavroudis interviews:

Spirit drum majors Brian Kinnett (right) and Josh Walker
CM: How has it been working with the members of this year's corps? Were there a lot of veteran members? BK: We had a lot of rookies this year. In the beginning of the season it was challenging to get everyone on the same page, but because we've had such a good leadership team that came back to the corps this season, there's been great growth in the rookies. CM: As the drum major, what's it like to hear the crowd behind you during a performance? BK: It's definitely exciting, but it's more exciting for me to see the corps respond to the crowd by playing more emotionally or louder. When the corps hears the audience, they definitely play up to it. That's the coolest part. CM: What's been the best moment for you this season? BK: I'd have to say performing every show is my best moment. It's exciting. The focal point of the entire day is when we have a show. Whenever I get out to the performance venue with all of my friends and family, that's the best part. CM: After this season is over, what do you want people to know about Spirit from JSU? We are a very hard working corps. We go out and we do our best every night.