Friday June 6 -- day 15 Well, the sky was angry with us once again today. It rained four times throughout the day, sometimes for just a couple minutes, and sometimes for about an hour. The pit pretty much took a full tour of our school as we searched for newer places to rehearse every 45 minutes. Every time we'd get set up and ready to play, it would begin to rain again. Things were topped off at the end of the day when it began to rain as soon as we finished moving all of our equipment into the stadium for ensemble rehearsal. Things like that always seem to happen, and since our equipment wasn't getting wet enough, the sprinkler system decided to come on and drench our stuff even more.

Magic of Orlando takes temporary shelter last week.
We eventually retreated to the theater to finish off the night. We began working on two little ensemble pieces to play at concerts and standstills, while the rest of the corps stood around in a constant downpour out on one of the football fields. I felt pretty bad for the rest of the corps marching around in the pouring rain, but then again, I got soaked and so did all of my equipment. There's not really much more to say about the last two days because of the bad weather, but we did manage to learn the entire intro to the opener rather quickly. Hopefully this bad weather decides to go away soon, everyone's starting to get really irritated with it. I'm even starting to miss a normal rehearsal day out in the sun. Two weeks are officially over, with a little more than one more week left to go before we leave this state. I'm really hoping time starts to fly by, cause I want to get on the road already. Saturday June 7 -- day 16 Days of Consecutive rain: 4
Pairs of socks worn today: 3
Sprinklers coming on during practice: 3 times
Amount of water flooded on the percussion field: 1 foot Today was by far the worst day for the front ensemble. We'd set up our equipment, it would rain, then we'd tarp the equipment, and it would stop. I think it happened a good six or seven times today. Some showers would last about five minutes while some would last for an hour. During one of the long showers, our percussion field flooded on the sideline about a foot. Soaking backpacks, drill sheets, dot books, equipment, and our shoes. It was quite a site back in the sleeping areas, looking at peoples' feet after being water logged in their shoes for a couple hours. Everyone's been keeping their wet shoes outside to keep the smell out of the sleeping area, but the smell from everyone's wet socks stinks up our room just as much. I'm blaming all of this rain on a little myth I learned last summer, the D Dorian scale. Four days ago, we played one of our warm up exercises in the D Dorian scale, and it rained, we played it the next day, it rained, and so forth. It may just be coincidence, but I think it's real. Ensemble rehearsal was interrupted once again by the sprinklers tonight, we were just about to run a bunch of new drill with the music and they came on. So we just ended up arcing it up on the track and having a music ensemble rehearsal with the full corps. Even though it may have been a horrible day down here in Florida, we had one plus to the day, by finally getting our pit carts back. It no longer takes us 45 minutes to move our stuff from one field to another, and that makes us a happy pit. Scherzo archives Fox, 19, is a junior at Florida State University. He played in the front ensemble of the Tampa Bay Thunder 2000 and 2001, and with the Phantom Regiment 2002, and will play with the Magic of Orlando in 2003. Fox will report back from each spring camp, and continue his reports through the summer. Send him e-mail at, or instant message him at friceox.