This picture is from Thoro Constantinides.

This picture was taken at our most recent Troopers Board of Directors meeting. We're standing outside of our new corps and bingo hall, the Trooper Center. The McMurry Foundation built the new hall for us, and it's top notch.

We're excited about all the positive things happening with our corps, and we wanted to let everyone know: Legends never die!

Pictured from left to right: Thoro Constantinides (Troopers and Phantom Regiment alum, Thornton, Colo.), Jerry Petty (Trooper parent and long-time board member, Casper, Wyo.), Sue McBride (Troopers parent, Cheyenne, Wyo.), Patty Crimm (Troopers parent and the drum major's mom, Casper, Wyo.), Jerry McBride (Troopers parent, Cheyenne, Wyo.), Ted Gilbert (Trooper parent, long-time volunteer and board member), Laurel Jones Lundstrom (Troopers alum, daughter of Jim Jones, alumni association representative, Casper, Wyo.), Milward Simpson (Troopers alum, board of directors president, Cheyenne, Wyo.), John Masterson (Troopers alum, former drum major and corps director, Casper, Wyo.), Daron Gruner (Troopers alum, Casper, Wyo.), Kathy Gerdom (Troopers alum, Casper, Wyo.), Kevin Crimm (Troopers alum, Gillette, Wyo.). Not pictured: Connie Petty (Troopers parent and long-time board member, Casper, Wyo.)

Thanks, Thoro!