The Lehigh Valley Knights, who lost the majority of its equipment in a truck accident last week (fortunately, no one was injured), were able to perform in a contest in Chesapeake, Va., on June 26 thanks to the generosity of Teal Sound (who also took up a monetary collection for the LVK on one of their buses), Scenic City, the Bluecoats and the Western Branch High School Band Boosters of Chesapeake, Va., all who loaned equipment to the corps. "We're very thankful for all the corps that helped us get on the field last weekend," said Lehigh Valley Knights director Glen Paisley. "It has become very obvious that everyone is one big family when it comes down to it." Paisley said that the corps had planned on purchasing surplus equipment from the defunct corps Star of Indiana (and its current incarnation as the Broadway show "Blast!") in the near future, and that those groups made the equipment available sooner to accommodate the Lehigh Valley Knights. The Knights picked up this equipment, including marimbas, vibraphones, tympanis, chimes, xylophones, bells, as well as a new set of battery equipment, earlier this week. A radio station located near the home base of the Lehigh Valley Knights will host a fund-raiser for the corps soon. "The local community is going to back us pretty strongly," Paisley said. Paisley said the corps still needs a 48- to 53-foot tractor-trailer to move equipment. To learn more about how to donate to LVK, visit the corps' Web site..