From a Lehigh Valley Knights press release: The board of directors of the Lehigh Valley Knights have decided to not field a corps this coming summer. Certainly, it's been a tough winter and spring with numerous administrative issues. At this point of the season there is certainly no way we can ever overcome the above issues to the point of having a positive experience for our members. It is with deep regret that we have to take this step.

Certainly, there will be administrative changes over the course of the summer and the organization is seeking individuals who would be interested in serving on our board of directors as we go through this reorganization.

Members that are interested in marching are encouraged to contact Donnie VanDoren at .

All questions should be directed to . You may also call 570.977.3898 or contact us through the Web site.

LVK will be back in 2006, there are no plans to sell any equipment.