From a Seattle Cascades press release: The summer of 2005 promises to be an exciting triumph for the percussion section of the Seattle Cascades. Under the continued leadership of Percussion Caption Head, Rob Lewis, the section continues its strength as the foremost percussive act here in the Northwest. Lewis is beginning his sixth season with Seattle, serving the corps in numerous positions such as the front ensemble instructor, program coordinator and continuing as the percussion arranger and caption head. His experience as a percussion instructor/arranger spans more than 15 years including work with Eastern Washington University and most recently at East Valley and Mt. Spokane High Schools. After experiencing last season's wonderful arrangements and instruction with Dave Reeves, Seattle is ecstatic about increasing Reeves' involvement with the corps. Educated in music composition at Indiana University and percussion performance at the University of Washington, he will be arranging even more for the corps along with further touring as the main battery and snare technician. Reeves is an acclaimed percussionist for the Seattle New Music Ensemble, has taught with the Santa Clara Vanguard, is a Pearl/Adams artist and Innovative Percussion artist and an instructor for the University of Washington Husky Marching Band. You just might remember him from the DCI broadcast as the featured tenor player that underwent cardio testing while marching Star of Indiana. In his third season with the Seattle Cascades percussion section, Matt Little will once again be working with the tenor section. Having performed with Southwind, Bluecoats and Crossmen, Little is the assistant band director and director of percussion for the Clinton Public School District and battery technician/arranger for the WGI Finalist Eminence Indoor Percussion Ensemble from Hattiesburg, Miss. The bass section welcomes the return of Chris Grant back to the Cascades. After aging out from Seattle as the Cascade of the Year in 2000, Grant went on to instruct the Cascades from 2001-2002. Since then, Chris has received degrees in music from Eastern Washington University. Another talented Cascades alum, Katie Hurst, is being added to an already strong staff as the front line ensemble instructor. Hurst performed with Santa Clara Vanguard, Spirit of JSU and is a senior member of the University of Washington wind ensemble and percussion ensemble. Performing with Seattle Cascades, Northern Lights and SCV, Rydell Dorton is another impressive addition to the team. Currently living in Tigard, Ore., Dorton teaches at Tigard and Skyview High Schools. "Rydell is a new great asset to the percussion activity here in the Northwest," said Cascades program coordinator Kurt Jull, "and I'm very proud to have him aboard."

The Cascades Web site has received numerous applications and inquiries about the newly added cymbal line. To instruct the return of the cymbal line will be Michael Sargent also of Tigard, Ore. Sargent marched with the Northern Lights Marching Band and was the Santa Clara Vanguard's cymbal section leader in 2001-2002. He has been working with Portland area high schools and is schooling full-time to become a firefighter/paramedic.

Assembling the finest Cascades percussion staff to date, the organization is more than ready for a magnificent percussion audition in the upcoming weeks.