We're "live" at All-City High School in Denver for Division II & III prelims. We're "live" in the sense that we're posting coverage (and photos) from a coffee shop across the street from the school, due to lack of an Internet connection on the school grounds. Check back here early and often. Check out the photo gallery. Spartans - 94.150
"It was very exciting out on the field tonight," said Julie Jenkins. "We are in a good position this week and we just ned to keep our heads on and enjoy the week." Download today's East Coast Jazz Cadets audio performance for $2.99 East Coast Jazz - 93.350
"We were absolutely spectacular tonight," said Kevin Lynch of East Coast Jazz's tuba section. "This was a great start to this week and we couldn't ask for anything more or less." East Coast Jazz has worked with a brand new staff this year. "What this staff has put together with this program is excellent.   Out of the past four years I have marched this is by far the best program. It great to be able to perform it," said Lynch. "Our performance was good tonight. I am a little disappointed we can't do it in the big stadium, but the excitement that finals week brings is magical," said Kevin Martins, horn sergeant. "I will remember most this season is the younger members maturing and growing up as performers. What I thought were little kids in the beginning are now great marchers and players and an integral part of this corps. That kind of growth you only see in drum corps." Download today's East Coast Jazz Cadets audio performance for $2.99
Vanguard Cadets - 91.850
With four years under his belt, Pablo Coppola, 21, is aging out of the Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets with a positive attitude and eagerness. "We had a solid show tonight. Very energetic. Our hard work is paying off." Not new to touring, Coppola is anticipating his age-out without worry. "I'm looking forward to this week, especially seeing how I'll feel walking off the field for the last time. I've always seen friends age-out and it's always like you don't know what they're going through until you do it yourself." Anticipating the emotion that comes with aging out, Coppola recalls two years ago when the corps was in first tour. "We were in San Diego and it was our last show before heading out to DCI. We tore the house down. Everyone was crying during the ballad. It was so beautiful that night. I hope people realize that a division II corps can have aspects of a division I corps and evoke the same kind of emotions." For Coppola, his time with SCV Cadets can be summed up in a word: "Tradition." Download today's Vanguard Cadets audio performance for $2.99 Impulse - 86.950
"For the first time I feel confident with the corps," said Kyle Spraker of Impulses' soprano section. "For the other two years I marched with Impulse we never made it past prelims and to go out now and to know that we will wow the crowd is a rush for me. I loved at the very end trooping the stands and the crowd was standing up and cheering while we were hyping them about how awesome this activity is." "The field (turf) is in amazing shape and you step onto the field knowing that it will be a great visual show," said Catherina Bhagwat, snare section leader. "Tonight was our peak performance. You work so hard up to this point in the season not only on the field but also off getting to know everyone. Everyone has clicked and locked in—a perfect start to a great ending." Download today's Fever audio performance for $2.99
Fever - 88.650
"You are possibly the loudest horn line in Division II if you let loose on Thursday. Things were a little reserved tonight," said the Fever staff to the members after the show. This may be understandable as this is their very first DCI show. David Tinajero is a 17-year old second year charter member of the corps. "The performance was excellent!" he said. "I look forward to watching everything this week and soaking it all in. This is my first time at DCI." Tinajero's motivator has been the corps members themselves. "This corps is like family. Everyone cares for everyone else. If you're not at practice, the staff will come and find you. Really!" As for Tinajero's family, initially they were not too hot about his joining the corps. "Literally hours before we left for tour, my dad finally said, "OK – you can go."   Up until then, he was conflicted between his devotion to Fever and his family. "I told the corps that the mini-tour may be my last. And they looked at me and said, "We're going to kidnap you." As I looked in their eyes, I knew they were serious." Tinajero had to give it serious thought. "It was tough," he said. "But I'm sure my family finally let me go because they discovered just how much I love this activity." Download today's Fever audio performance for $2.99
Blue Stars - 87.300
Even though this is drum major Kevin Whalen's first year in the corps, he already speaks as if he is a five-year veteran of the corps. "Everything this season has been a challenge," said Whalen. "We have doubled in size making about 80 percent of the corps rookies. Despite that we still hold onto corps traditions that go all the way back to 1964. All that we do always relates back to that. We want people to know that Blue Stars are back this year." Download today's Blue Stars audio performance for $2.99 Blue Devils B - 85.775
"This week has been really intense for me so far," said Eren Aktari, Blue Devils B drum major. "This is my first time in a finals week. I spent time in the C corps and this is my first year as drum major for the B corps. This season I will probably remember the tour and all of the schools that we have stayed at most. At the end I don't think anyone will remember the scores for long because this season has been about the friends we have made and the fun things we did." "We worked coming into this week to get our focus up," said Will Moser, pit section leader. "We have two more great chances to make this show better." Aktari said the corps hopes to place in the top five. Download today's Blue Devils B audio performance for $2.99 Jersey Surf - 83.400
This is Bryan LaGasse's first year as a baritone player for Jersey Surf. "Coming into this week, everyone preps you for it but still you get out there and the adrenaline starts pumping," said LaGasse. "All of the years that I thought about doing drum corps and now I am here doing it is a really cool feeling for me."    "It was so exciting out there I was shaking," said Kim Vincent a second year guard member. "My favorite part is definitely when the horn line puts on their elvis hair during the show. It's hilarious." Download today's Jersey Surf audio performance for $2.99 Memphis Sound - 82.700
"We were very exciting tonight," said Tyler Findley of Memphis Sound's baritone section. "We were very psyched and stoked to give one to the crowd tonight. I was especially excited about part two of the program. It feels like 1996 Blue Devils' Club Blue which gets us excited." "The performance tonight went very well," said snare drummer Jeremy Jones. "This week is all bout having fun and putting all the hard work we have done this season into the show. After this season I will remember all the people that I never thought I would meet most." Download today's Memphis Sound audio performance for $2.99
Beatrix - 81.625
"The sun was in our eyes for a lot of the show, but we were pretty lucky and had a cloud come," said Melissa de Groot of Beatrix's guard about their performance this evening. "We had a great show, it's too bad that more people weren't in the audience." While this week marks the end for most drum corps, Beatrix's season extends all the way into September for their finals in Holland. "It was a great experience for us to be able to take this tour to America," said de Groot. "We come here every four years. This is my second time, we came last in 2000." Download today's Beatrix audio performance for $2.99
Oregon Crusaders - 84.600
This is Oregon Crusaders' first year in DCI. "After being non-competitive and then making the jump into competition this year, it feels great to be surrounded by the best of the best," said Laurie Gottshalk, Oregon Crusaders' guard captain. "This year is about beating ourselves, making ourselves as good as we can be." "We've pushed all season long with a membership made up of a lot of new members," said drum major Josh Pruitt. "This afternoon was our best run yet. The tempos locked in and everyone came together." Download today's Oregon Crusaders audio performance for $2.99 Court of Honor - 80.700
"It's hot out there but our energy level was there," said Preston Sharpe of Court of Honor's euphonium section. "All we try to do out there is entertain the crowd and you could tell by their reaction that we were successful." David Heroux is a second year tenor drummer. "I'd say that our first breakthrough performance was at our home show in Atlanta on July 25," he said. "The crowd gave us a lot of energy there and we gave it right back. Our show this afternoon was a great build off of that and a good start to finals. Download today's Court of Honor audio performance for $2.99
Yamato - 82.800
"This performance was lots of fun," said Gabe Dulek of Yamato's snare section. "Finals week is when all the hard work pays off. We've been working hard all summer and this is when we get to let loose and have fun. I'm definitely looking forward to finals night hoping that we will medal." Download today's Yamato audio performance for $2.99 Americanos - 77.300
"We have no idea if this was our last performance so we put it all out on the line this afterenoon," said Tony Ciolli of Americanos' snare line. "This season I have enjoyed the brotherhood of this corps. Of course with Division III you have smaller groups and more of a family feeling. We've worked hard to get where we are this year. The fellowship of the members is really cool." "It felt awesome to go out and perform in my first finals week ever," said Alex Zuk, soprano rookie. "We went out and attacked the show making this our best performance to date." "It's kind of tense right now knowing that this could be our last show of the season," said Barry Martin a five year guard vet. "We have worked very hard this season. We set goals from the beginning and have accomplished those. After this season I would want people to know that we still made it on the road no matter what obstacles we faced and we are still going to be here for many more years." Download today's Americanos audio performance for $2.99
Teal Sound - 79.150
"This season has been very different from last," said drum major Jessica Miller. "I don't even know how to explain it, but we have been very hard working and successful since the beginning." "We went onto the field today with everything and came off with nothing. We gave it all our energy," said drum major Trista Akridge. "This has been a family away from home. We are very close." Talking about fellow drum major Jessica, Trista said, "Take for instance Jessica, we have only known each other for about a month and now we are like sisters." Download today's Teal Sound audio performance for $2.99 Raiders - 76.750
"This was the most thrilling performance of my life," said Joelle Scales, Raider's age out guard captain. "I couldn't ask for anything more. After this season I will remember all of the hard work that everyone in this corps has put in. This is the closest group I have been a part of and I wouldn't trade this experience or anyone here for anything." Charlie Freudbnvoll, a five-year bass drum veteran said, "We have worked extremely hard this season. Regardless of where we finish up, everything we have done this season has been well worth it." Download today's Raiders audio performance for $2.99
Lehigh Valley Knights - 77.450
"There was lots of positive energy coming off the field," said Andrew Yetter. "Everything seemed to fit well together and everything went very smoothly. We played as a unit not just individuals." Will Betts is a first-year member of Lehigh Valley Knights. He can better be classified as a one-week member. "I spent 13 years with the Jersey Surf and was tired of marching this year. My old drill designer called me up to fill a hole with Lehigh Valley. I am so honored and pleased that I was able to march my age out. It has been an incredible experience." Download today's Lehigh Valley Knights audio performance for $2.99 Fusion - 74.375
"It's exciting to be here for championships week with all of the corps here together performing," said Elyse Snadl of the guard. "We made a great connection with the audience during our performance." "That was the best feeling in the world for me today," said Josh Emond of Fusion's soprano line. "Nothing can compare to our performance today. The energy out there was crazy. The highlight of the season for me has just been being able to step out on to the field to experience performing." Download today's Fusion audio performance for $2.99 Marion Glory Cadets - 74.750
"This was an overall solid performance for us," said Chris Kosmac a first-year baritone player for Marion Glory Cadets. "It's really great being on turf again. We have been on really thick fields lately and today's turf led to a great visual performance." "This was an extremely emotional performance for me before the show and after as well," said Nick Fields, snare drummer. "This corps has really pulled this show together all obstacles considered during this season. Even though we are a Division III corps we can still bring it. We work hard just like everyone else and even more so." Download today's Marion Glory Cadets audio performance for $2.99 Dutch Boy - 70.825
"Hearing the crowd and everyone around me playing what they needed to play was a genuine rush for me," said Trischa Greschner a five-year Dutch Boy mellophone veteran. "Today is the day that we work our butts off for all year and it all definitely paid off." Alicia Lee a three year member of the pit said, "Just the feeling of being out there was great. It was so muich fun I can't even explain the feeling of it." Download today's Dutch Boy audio performance for $2.99 St. Johns - 68.300
"The show today was all energy flying at you," said drum major Amanda Walker. "There has been a great amount of teamwork and bonding with all the members this year as compared to last." This is Andrew Whiting's first season as a bass drummer with St. Johns. "As a kit drummer, I didn't know what this season would be like. My sister had been in the corps in the early 90's. I came here to practice and work on my drumming and the whole season has been awesome." Download today's St. Johns audio performance for $2.99 Capital Sound - 69.750
Capital Sound's 2004 season has been characterized by a plethora of ups, downs and emotional moments. "I remember how scared we were and all the uncertainty at the beginning of the season," said Joe Rodriguez of Capital Sound's baritone section. "We have grown as an entire corps this season not only the members but the staff and support staff have all become more mature throughout the course of the summer." "I really didn't remember that much in my performance because it was so intense and emotional," said B.J. Simmons, contra player. "There are no words for how much pride I have for this horn line and the corps." "This season has been a culmination of all that Capital Sound stands for," said Rodriguez. "After almost folding in the beginning of the year and now doing our last performance—just being here is very rewarding. Ten years from now I will be able to say that I helped make this season happen and helped make this season a success." Download today's Capital Sound audio performance for $2.99 Bandettes - 66.000
This morning's performance for Bandettes drum major Crystal Tait has been bittersweet. "They were amazing out there, everyone working together," said Tait. I didn't want to turn around at the end of the show to acknowledge the crowd because I would know it was over then." Tait, a seven-year veteran, still has a year remaining before her age out. "I am losing two of my best friends this year. They both have been here for nine years and they are my best friends at home as well as here. We are all sisters here and so close to one another. I don't think I could trade that for anything else or experience that same sort of feeling in another corps." Download today's Bandettes audio performance for $2.99
Les Stentors - 63.700
Jessica Wood is a 14-year-old, second-year member of Les Stentors' pit. "We connected very well with each other on the field and not only that we connected with the audience," said Wood. "This has been our best season yet. We have had very little fighting with each other and have been a very close and bonded as a group." Download today's Les Stentors audio performance for $2.99 Citations - 61.950
"It felt great coming off the field with everyone clapping," said Athina Simolaris of Citations' soprano section. "We put a lot of energy and emotion into everything we did today." Pat Pereira of the euphonium line also had praise for the crowd today. "Such a great crowd really makes us perform with a lot of energy. Our support staff is great and plays a huge role in everything that we do. They are always happy for us after all of the hard work that we do. It's all about fun for us!" Download today's Citations audio performance for $2.99 Spirit of New Jersey - 55.850
"Our best show of the year," said Roberto Ayaia of Spirit of New Jersey's low brass section. "We are all about the crowd. We want the crowd to have fun and to get their money's worth." When asked to point out the most memorable moment of the show he said, "There are just so many out there it's too hard to pick one." "It was great seeing the crowd happy and clapping," said Miguel Ruiz a baritone player. "Marching with the Spirit of New Jersey is such an incredible feeling. We are like a family, no one is ever angry with each other, we just stick together." Download today's Spirit of New Jersey audio performance for $2.99 Racine Scouts - 56.400
"We had a few problems in the show today, but what performance doesn't?" said Mark Dolan a fourth-year soprano age out for the Racine Scouts. "We put a lot of energy in it and there was a lot of emotion knowing this could be the last show of the season. Yesterday was a down day for us and for us to be able to pick it up is great." After dislocating her knee during the first show of the season, 16-year old Sarah Chaffee of the guard turned pit member was excited in today's performance knowing it could be the last show of the season. "This was my first year in the pit because of that injury. It's been interesting for me because I'm used to guard work and dance, but I like it as a more musical experience." Download today's Racine Scouts audio performance for $2.99 Blue Saints - 42.400
The Blue Saints dazzled the audience with their Beach Boys-inspired show. From soaking the front sideline with water guns to surfing horn players, the show is wet and wild for the audience and performers. "This show is just fun," said Pam Ripley, a 17-year-old soprano player who is a five-year vet of the corps. "It's Beach Boys, going to the beach, surfing, just having an all around good time out there. The water gun section is great. I think we soaked a few judges out there." Blue Saints' member range between approximately 10 to 20 years. "It can be tough working with such a wide age range, but the younger members start to look up to the older and we have a great time out there," said Ripley. "I'd say this was one of our best performances of the year, everyone finally started to relax and good things happened." Download today's Blue Saints audio performance for $2.99