Moe Latour, tour manager for the Cadets for many years, and past manager for the Blue Stars, Phantom Regiment and Star of Indiana, lives in Kenner, La., an area near to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina. The Cadets have tried to locate Moe for the past few days with no luck. Moe does not have a cell phone or e-mail, and they are reasonably sure his house has been seriously flooded, as he lived close to the airport. Moe did talk to Megh Healy of the Cadets administrative team this past
Saturday evening, and he and his sister were still debating whether to evacuate. Of course, we hope they did, and that they are just too busy with life to give a call. If you hear anything about Moe, please call 201.960.0605. If you know of anyone who might know Moe or his family, please give them a call. Any info would help!