The tango is one of the most popular dances to watch on television shows such as "Dancing With the Stars." To be successful, the couples displaying the dance have to demonstrate a deep affection for each other, whether or not it exists in real life. Here are some quotes from drum corps members who evolved into couples off-the-field because of the tango; specifically, Sting's "El Tango de Roxanne," performed in Jersey Surf's 2006 show, 'The Jersey Surf Visits the Moulin Rouge." Behold the power of the tango!

Jersey Surf members perform during the corps'
2006 Moulin Rouge-themed production.

From Matt Piatek and Stacy Andrews: Matt: When we were first paired together and I tried talking to Stacy, I figured out what her name was, but she sort of just ignored me. Over the couple of months, I started finding out more about her and I began to really like her. We talked more and more and became good friends and close with each other. But at the same time, we still didn't know much about each other. In Stroudsburg, Pa., during the corps' mini-tour, the color guard hosted something akin to a prom. I was going to go with another girl, but I found out that Stacy wanted to go with me, so I talked to her and told her that I really wanted to go with her. Days went by and I started to like her more and more. Every day, my friends harassed us about going out with each other. Then our home show came around and the night before, we went onto the buses and I kissed her on the cheek. I figured that nothing was going to happen, because it had been awhile since I asked her out. I was losing faith that anything would happen. The next day, she asked me out and we've been together since. I've loved every minute of it. Stacy: If it weren't for the tango, we probably wouldn't be dating. Before we were dating, most of the talking we did was on the field—even though we're not supposed to do that. It was fun during rehearsals because it meant that we always got to see each other and talk to each other while running the show. It was funny, because our instructors would always tell us to get into it more, which wasn't too hard since we actually did like each other. From Cynthia Wong and James Wysoczanski: Cynthia: I had no intentions of finding someone, especially in drum corps, since all I had heard was that bad things that would happen in the end. But then when I found out James was my tango partner; I figured it would be sensible to get to know him, since we had to act on the field like there was some chemistry between us. We talked online during the week a lot. (Surf is Division II and rehearses mainly on weekends for a portion of the season.) We got to know each other really well. Then, as we rehearsed the tango more and performed it more at shows, I realized that I really had something for this guy. Rehearsing the tango during practice was fun. Our guard instructors kept repeating over and over again how we had to make the tango believable, seductive and passionate. I think that helped us both realize we had something for each other. When we actually became a couple, running the tango was just funny. I would always break out into a smile or giggle a little bit. If it wasn't for being tango partners, I don't know if we'd be together today. We go to two different schools, but luckily, he's only a half hour away. We make the time to talk every night and see each other often, so it's not so bad at all. He's an amazing guy and I absolutely love everything about him. We're both marching Surf again this summer, which is going to be a blast. Maybe there will be another partnered dance in there somewhere, haha! James: You know what they say, practice makes permanent. It's funny to think of all the passion the tango can create. With the constant practice and repetition for which drum corps is known, who would have thought the passion held during practice would turn into the permanence of love? Strange people meet in strange places and it just so happens that the tango is a perfect place for love. My first thought of Cynthia was, "Oh no, I have to dance with the shortest guard girl." Being a six foot trumpet player, I thought the tango might be difficult as there is more than a foot of height difference between us. Well, yeah, it was difficult, but the passion was the easy part. After getting to know her, I knew she was right for me. We've been together since our tour and even though we go to different schools, she's never too far away for me. I love her very much and am glad to have such a great girlfriend. Taken from our ballad, "Your Song," it's nice to know "How wonderful life is while she's in the world."

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