Jeff Choice (L), Andy Dittrich, Galen Cook
Jeff Choice, 22 (fourth-year member), Andy Dittrich, 22 (first-year member), and Galen Cook, 21 (third-year member) of the Madison Scouts reflect on the 2007 season and their drum corps careers after their final performance at the 2007 DCI World Championship Semifinals at Rose Bowl Stadium. Interview by's Christina Mavroudis. Christina Mavroudis: How was your Semifinal performance? Galen Cook: The thing that I noticed out there was that the corps members definitely had an attitude about them especially during this performance. We knew we had nothing to lose so we threw it out there. Andy Dittrich: We had a young drum line this year and we came out and brought it today. There were some very nice moments that we performed out on the field. It was great. Jeff Choice: My most memorable moment today was during the ballad impact, and I think it worked that way for the entire color guard. It was a really emotional moment for us. CM: What were your defining moments from this season? GC: During the Buffalo, N.Y. show we were on the field for the awards ceremony. When scores were announced the crowd booed so loud and gave us a standing ovation. When our drum major went up in the stands to conduct "America the Beautiful" we got another standing ovation. That crowd connection is why people march in the Scouts. AD: I'm not sure if I really understood until we performed our show in Phoenix. We got to our first impact of the show and there were old men fist pumping and high fiving each other in the stands. It was the most awesome moment I've ever had in drum corps. I'll have that with me forever. JC: The feeling I had today when I got off the field pretty much encapsulated everything that I've ever done while I've been here at the Madison Scouts. CM:What is a word or phrase that you can leave the future generations of Madison Scouts members? GC: Love and family. That's what it's about here. AD: Persevere.