From a Madison Scouts press release: The Madison Scouts' 2006 summer production will be titled "Primal Forces." The show promises to showcase the trademark power audiences have come to expect from this two-time Drum Corps International champion. In announcing the choice, executive director Sal Salas stated, "The greatest corps in Madison's history were those that hit the audience on a fundamental level first, striking right to the heart. Instinct and emotion have always played a significant part of memorable Scouts productions." This dominant demand for passion is realized in the innovative original music by Scott Boerma and Colin McNutt, influenced by the symphonic works of Alberto Ginastera, Ennio Morricone and Isaac Albeniz. A combination of the driving rhythms and memorable melodies presented by these composers are the key to "Primal Forces." But intellect and intrigue have found a strong foothold, as well, developing Latin themes and indigenous sounds as a unique undercurrent to the main vision. Noted Salas, "In meeting with the design team recently, I was struck by the electricity in the room from musicians like McNutt, Boerma and Mark Waymire, visual designer Myron Rosander, and our program head Michael Cesario. It was clear from the show's balance of intellect and muscle that this is the right show, for the right corps, at the right time. I can't imagine anyone communicating this material with the same aggressiveness and integrity as Madison." A new boldness in musical and programmatic choices is the guarantee that "the Men of Madison" are once again about to hit their stride as one of the most popular and beloved groups in DCI. "Primal Forces" is brains and brawn, perception and emotion, ready to claim a special bond with today's audience.