From a Magic of Orlando press release: Magic of Orlando officially "set sail" on its 2004 "Pirates of the Caribbean" season with the first of two audition camps. The cold, rainy weather and busy holiday season couldn't keep many member hopefuls away. Members of the Magic of Orlando gave this first audition camp rave reviews. "It's been really awesome!" said Van Turner, a first-year baritone player from Orlando. "I'm performing with a group of people who want to work just as hard I do." First-year percussionist Liza Ledford of Atlanta echoed Turner's sentiment. "I'm really, really excited. We sneaked into the horn line rehearsal and heard the music -- it's gorgeous! This percussion staff is awesome, we're learning so much." It's not just the new members that were impressed by this first camp. Most of the sometimes-skeptical veteran members give the camp a thumbs-up. Returning contra player,Greg Stancil of Coral Springs, Fla., said, "A lot of progress has been made, especially in the horn line. The 'rookies' and veterans are interacting well together. I'm very excited about the music. I was a little unsure about the instruction staff at first, but they're excellent!" Tony Perez-Carpenter, a veteran baritone player, agreed. "I really like the music staff and, overall, the music is great," Perez-Carpenter said. Corps director Jimmy Russo is equally pleased with the instruction staff. "For the most part, this staff has never really worked together," he says. "But you'd never know by watching them work. They've quickly come together as a team. They're a great group of TEACHERS." The second Audition Camp is scheduled for January 16-18 to accommodate those who had conflicts with school schedules and holiday travel plans. For more information about the January audition camp, please visit