Magic of Orlando is benefiting in 2003 from those corps members who travel to the Orlando area for rehearsals from far-away places, according to corps director Dennis Cappello, who says that the number of members who fly in for each camp "is up substantially" from last year.

Magic of Orlando's soprano line rehearses during a May 9 session.
"The kids are great," Cappello said. "There's a group from Oklahoma City that fly in each camp, very talented and dedicated to the success of the corps. There is also a tom player from Calgary, Alberta that flies in to every camp. His name is Kyle Davis. Kyle sometimes spends as much as $1,000 to fly in. He's a hard-working, dedicated individual," Cappello said. Cappello notes that Magic's parents and boosters have been a big asset to the organization thus far in the season as well. "The parents and boosters have stepped up to the plate in a big way to make the corps happen. Our biggest asset has been these people," Cappello said. Also contributing to the corps' success is a well-known team of instructors. "The acquisition of Colin McNutt and his staff, along with Dean Broadbent and his staff, has made a huge difference in the talent of both sections. The addition of Chad Pence to Gino Cipraini's brass staff has also played a major role in the brass sections improvement. Gino is filling both the brass caption head role and staff coordinator's role. Gino is a taskmaster, and with his wise use of time, none will be wasted. The addition of Thom Hannum (director of music) and Jack Chambers (visual design) has also made a positive impact on the corps," Cappello said. On the field, Magic of Orlando's distinct sound will be one that drum corps fans will remember after the 2003 season. "The metallic sound constantly being heard throughout the show, the large front ensemble and a fresh, innovative visual show will be a fan favorite. The musical book is challenging but one the fans will like. The ending will be one of the fans' favorites," Cappello said. Meanwhile, amidst rumors of the corps' financial trouble, Cappello asserts, "We are being financially responsible. Keeping the Magic name and putting the corps back on the field in 2002 brought some financial burdens. We assumed debt from prior seasons. Filing bankruptcy and changing name was an option in the fall of 2001, prior to putting Micro Magic on the field. We felt keeping the name and satisfying the creditors was the correct thing to do. The board of directors is committed to paying off past debt," Cappello said. Organizationally, Cappello said that the corps has adopted a long-term financial plan that will keep the corps running well into the future. "With the bingo hall close to opening, the corps is getting closer to becoming financially independent. The staff has been committed to my financial plan, and believes in the organization's long-term goals -- to lower tour fees and make drum corps affordable for all," Cappello said.