Tom Gregory, public relations director for Magic of Orlando, reports on a Magic camp from Feb. 9:

Magic of Orlando enjoyed a new set of percussion equipm
"At this camp we had 77 brass with a few missing due to band functions. Upon arrival to camp on Friday, the percussion section experienced an early Christmas -- waiting for them was a complete set of percussion equipment from Pearl (symphony quality). You couldn't ask for any thing more. Needless to say, they were very excited. "The corps' design staff of Wayne Downey, Thom Hannum and Jack Chambers were on hand for this weekend's camp. Caption heads Gino Cipriani (brass) and Colin McNutt (percussion), along with their very competent staffs, worked tirelessly through the weekend. "Much was accomplished in just two and a half days. The talent level this year has surpassed that which earned Magic a spot in the elite final twelve last year. And that is saying something, when Magic had to win the Division II title (with a score of 99.05) to be able to go on to compete in the open class to earn a spot on Saturday night in Madison. To my knowledge no one has ever done that before. With the level of talent Magic has this year, they will continue to be on the rise in 2003. The guard joins the corps proper in April." This year's program is titled "Singular Mass," and includes "Sinfonia Voci " and "Abrams Pursuit," both by Holsinger, and "Sanctus/Offertory," (from Bernstein's Mass). The show ends with the finale of "Easter Symphony," again by Holsinger.