After a series of evaluations and meetings over the past several months it has been determined that Magic of Orlando will participate as a full touring DCI Division I corps in 2004. The corps is currently being added to events on the official DCI calendar. The discussions with the new management team and the Magic board of directors have been centered on the corps management practices and financial stability. While there are several issues pending as Magic moves forward, and they like all corps are in much need of support from fans and local volunteers, the new Magic team has worked hard to address their challenges. "The Magic of Orlando administrative team and board of directors has proven that they are committed to providing a positive learning environment for its marching members, and we are pleased to welcome them aboard the 2004 DCI tour," said DCI executive director Dan Acheson. In recent years the collective of DCI member corps has made more of a commitment towards seeking methods to help each other with stability issues. There has been considerable dialogue on taking measures to assist each corps through knowledge sharing and consultations to enhance their abilities to perform at a level of excellence expected of them both on and off the field. Drum Corps International's goal continues to be to create a positive environment for all corps in all divisions to be successful.