On November 17, 2001, representatives of the Magic of Orlando management team met with the Drum Corps International executive committee to discuss the touring status of the corps for 2002. Members of the DCI executive committee include: Jeff Fiedler, The Cavaliers and current DCI board of directors chairman; George Hopkins, The Cadets; David Gibbs, Blue Devils; Brian Hickman, Glassmen; Mark Stasa, non-corps affiliated, at-large director; Steve Auditore, non-corps affiliated, at-large director; Mike Kehoss, non-corps affiliated, at-large director; Tom Yorton, non-corps affiliated, at-large director; Dan Acheson, DCI executive director and chairman of the executive committee.Since May of 1999, Drum Corps International has been involved in ongoing discussions with Magic of Orlando regarding the status of the corps within DCI. The discussions, with four different management teams over this period have centered on the corps ability to settle past debts, and ensure a stable organization financially in order to accomplish its goals of competing once again as a Division I corps. While DCI has offered advice to troubled corps in the past, this is the most intense and most proactive role DCI has ever taken with a member corps. Considerable hours of discussion, advice, visits, and review had taken place prior to the meeting on November 17, 2001. On January 10, 1997, the Drum Corps International board of directors adopted the Quarterfinalist Policy. Based on this policy, a corps that is inactive for more than one year is considered to be a reemerging corps. A new corps, or reemerging corps, must compete in Division II & III, and then qualify for Division I at the DCI World Championships in order to become a DCI member corps, thus gaining full access to the tour schedule. Magic of Orlando made a proposal to the DCI executive committee to allow for an exception to this policy. Based on the information presented by the Magic of Orlando management team, the DCI executive committee did not grant an exception, thus the Quarterfinalist Policy applies.The members of the DCI executive committee gave Magic's request for an exception significant consideration. It was apparent the corps is gaining momentum in terms of interest and support in Central Florida; however, it was announced by Magic that their long term funding source would not be producing net revenue until well into the spring of 2002. The purpose of the Quarterfinalist Policy is to provide a focus on building an organizational and fiscal foundation first. The information provided by Magic and the basis of the Quarterfinalist Policy was the overriding factor that kept the DCI executive committee from making an exception in the case of Magic of Orlando.Drum Corps International is pleased that the Magic of Orlando will return to the field in 2002, and will continue to work with the corps to make the transition as smooth as possible. The Magic of Orlando organization has shown tremendous tenacity in trying to rise above difficult financial circumstances and should be recognized for their commitment to provide an excellent experience for their members.