from a Mandarins' press release: The Mandarins' 2004 production will be entitled "Samurai." In the name of honor, in the face of battle, lives the soul of a warrior. The tumultuous and surprisingly elegant world of the medieval Japanese Samurai is brought vividly to life in the Mandarins 2004 production, "Samurai." The Samurai are legendary in their warrior prowess and skill. Dedication, loyalty, and true honor were the characteristics of these warriors. Musical selections of "Samurai" include "Red Warrior," composed by Hans Zimmer; "Ouverture Solennelle," composed by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky; "Tabidachi, Nishi he (Departure to the West)," composed by Joe Hisaishi; "Bullet," composed by Les Wong; and "The Way of the Sword," composed by Hans Zimmer.