When the smoke cleared from one of the most exciting, best attended Division II/III finals shows ever, the evening belonged to Mandarins and Blue Stars, frequent past champions in their respective classes.The evening show started out with a bang, as the grand entrance of all the DCI corps painted the field in bright splashes of color.After an emotional age-out ceremony and mass horn performance conducted by maestro Frederick Fennell, the corps were off and running, interspersed between the Individual/Ensemble winners from earlier in the day.Mandarins and Blue Stars, both frequent champions in Division II and III, each once again laid claim to the class titles in an exciting evening of drum corps Wednesday night.In Division III finals, Blue Stars edged prelims-winning Raiders, 88.55 to 88.50, followed by Americanos, the winner of the division's Spirit of Disney Award. Blue Stars won Best Marching Performance and Percussion, with Raiders taking Best Brass and GE. Marion Glory Cadets, in 4th place with an 85.55, won Best Color Guard. Remaining finalists included East Coast Jazz (5th-82.80), Les Senateurs (6th-80.20), and Teal Sound (7th-79.35). Best Drum Major was awarded to Les Sentinelles, based on prelims.In Division II, Mandarins won the Spirit of Disney Award, Best Marching Performance, Brass and GE on the way to scoring 97.80, besting Seattle Cascades, who scored 96.70 and won Best Percussion. Spartans, winner of Best Color Guard, took the bronze medal with a 93.95. Capital Regiment took 4th place with a 92.90, followed by Patriots, scoring 92.50. Jersey Surf won Best Drum Major, based on prelims.The top five scoring corps from the evening, all from Division II, are advancing to Thursday's quarterfinals.