The Sacramento Mandarins recently completed their April camp under sunny Northern California skies, which appeared after several days of rain. Weather conditions allowed the corps to be outside the entire weekend -- as a result, the first 3 1/2 minutes of the show is on the field. The corps was also able to do a full music run-through over the weekend, as the percussion book was completed at this camp (the brass book was completed in February). Since 90 percent of the corps' membership lives within 1 1/2 to two hours of Sacramento, weekly rehearsals are held in addition to monthly camps, so more drill work will be done prior to the next camp. The Mandarins' next camp is scheduled for Memorial Day weekend. In contrast to most corps, this camp will be Friday through Sunday only, as Monday is given as a day off in recognition of Memorial Day and allows corps members the opportunity to spend time with friends and family away from drum corps, prior to the season starting in June.
The corps is also looking forward to its next public appearance at the Pacific Rim Festival on Sunday, May 18. This event, held annually in Old Sacramento, includes exhibits and displays celebrating various aspects of the Asian culture. The Mandarins' roster has now been set. Persons interested in becoming a member of the Mandarins in 2004, or interested in being contacted in the event a spot in this year's corps does become available, should e-mail the appropriate caption head through the link provided on the "Corps Info and History" page of the corps' Web site.