This picture was sent by several former and current Mandarins' members.

Clockwise from left: Mario Urbina (Mandarins trumpet), Joel Ducore (Blue Devils trumpet), Chelsea Heathman (Mandarins mellophone), Giovanni Laidler (Blue Devils trumpet), and Michelle Yamazaki (Santa Clara Vanguard baritone)

Victor Huynh:

This is a picture of 2005 Mandarins horn line members after the ageout ceremony at the 2006 DCI world Championships in Madison, Wis. Some of us moved on to other corps to march, but we are still a big part of the Mandarins family.

Michelle Yamazaki:

This picture is of me and four of my closest friends. We all marched in the Mandarins together for four years (some of them five) but this last year a few of us decided to march elsewhere. We wanted the chance to take a picture of all of us in different uniforms, but this is the closest we got. This picture was taken at the ageout ceremony on Semifinals night.

Chelsea Heathman:

All of us are originally members of the Mandarins. I just want to say thank you to all of them for being some of the greatest people I will ever meet! I love you all!