From the Mandarins' Web site: The Sacramento Mandarins made their third appearance of the season on Sunday, May 16 at Arco Arena in Sacramento, Calif., for the 2004 NBA Playoffs between the Sacramento Kings and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

With thousands of fans waving glow sticks in the darkened Arco Arena, the Mandarins drum line plays the Sacramento Kings onto the floor during starting lineups and player introductions for the 2004 NBA Playoffs.
The Mandarins have performed in past seasons for the Sacramento Kings. This Wednesday's game is the crucial game 7, where the winner will meet the Los Angeles Lakers for the Western Conference Finals. If the Kings advance, the Mandarins will continue to entertain the hometown crowd of 17,317 while the starting lineups are announced. Chris DaPrato, percussion instructor, said, "It is very difficult to hear anything due to the crowd noise. However, it's very exciting to be performing in such a charged atmosphere!" Caption Head Les Wong explained, "The Kings organization likes working with us because we are very flexible and can make changes on the fly. If the staging or percussion beats aren't exactly what they are looking for, we can quickly change it to something that meets their needs. That flexibility, and the professionalism of our organization, has resulted in them asking us back to perform on numerous occasions." This is documented by Wendy Fresques, the Kings' director of event presentation, who said, "Everything is going just fantastic! Your group is so wonderful to work with and very talented! I couldn't be happier - they are more professional than most professionals I've worked with."